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ACSR Conductors

Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced

Aluminum conductor steel reinforced consists of steel and aluminum. Used as bare overhead transmission conductor and as primary and secondary distribution conductor and messenger support. ACSR offers optimal strength for line design. Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity.

Easy Installtion

From Ground view to the Aerial View, the installation of our ACSR cables is very easy to handle and fix. Takes less enery and labour with great effective time savings.

Long Distance

ACSR has a great advantage over long distance single cable intallation, due to its inner core steel stregth and aluminium strands windings.

Great Strength

ACSR has been designed for sustainability and logitivity. Due to steel reinforcement and alumninium twisted windings it is bale to possess greater strength.

Heat Resistant

ACSR with its steel reinforcement gives effeciency in the transmission and aluminium's windings pattern acts as a great heat resistance/great heat sink for long performance.

WHO We Are

Our presence in ACSR Manufacturer Industry

Navyasree Industries is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company and one of the top leading organizations from Karnataka, in the field of manufacturing and supply of ACSR conductors. We are well known as NAVYASREE INDUSTRIES, which was incorporated on 9th May., 2015. Ever since then, this unit has been undertaking job contracts for the manufacture and supply of Conductors to various cable manufacturing companies and has now added the manufacturing of Aluminum conductors & insulated Multistrand cables as a diversified activity. The huge number of enquiries received from various electricity boards, stand proof for the ever growing demand for the manufacture of cables in order to cater to the needs of domestic enquires for electricity boards & other corporations, autonomous bodies etc. This inspired us to expand our services to the manufacturing and supply of cables.

Our Product Line

Our Proud Product Line Consists of 3 Products Currently With High Market Demand.

ACSR Weasel Conductor

ACSR weasel conductor belongs to ACSR-IS-398 part II standards. Every code has its own specification. Now I will tell you the weasel conductor size, in case you can know it more. It strands 6 aluminums and 1 steel.

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ACSR Rabbit Conductor

The safety of cable is very important. It is not only refers to the quality, but also the using. You must pay attention to some problems, which may cause problems. Then you can pay more attention to these aspects.

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ACSR Coyote Conductor

From the name, we can know the acsr rabbit conductor is aluminum conductor steel reinforced. Rabbit belongs to IS 398 Part II standard, which is Indian standard. Now, I will talk about the acsr rabbit conductor specifications.

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Supply against payment and also operates LC.
The lead time usually is 10 – 30 working days.
Monthly production capacity is 2000 KM.
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